Premium Wood Siding for Your Muskoka Home

Timberthane is created with your home in mind. Add depth, durability and authenticity to your home with the most resilient and durable product in the industry. Our advanced wood siding system is long-lastingmaintenance-free and available in any colour you can find on a paint swatch. 

Never Repaint

We know this sounds too good to be true, but Timberthane uses the most technologically advanced wood siding finishing process in the industry. Our proven coating technology is durable and resistant, and protects colour from fading, discolouration and prevents decayWe guarantee it

Lifetime Guarantee

We’re passionate about our product, and we stand behind it. At Timberthane, everything we do is based in our values of quality and innovation, so our long-lasting and maintenance-free siding is sold with a Lifetime Guarantee of up to 30 years. 

Uniquely Canadian

We believe in the importance of locally sourced materials and forest sustainability. Our Ontario-based product is harvested and processed in Canada from beginning to end. We source our lumber from managed forests, where every tree removed is replanted. 

Endless colour possibilities​

Our in-house colour lab will match any colour for your siding project! Just bring us a swatch and we will make you a sample. Our Timberthane coating is extremely fade resistant allowing you to choose a colour based on what you love, and not on maintenance.