Why Timberthane Wood Siding

Wood siding that lasts a lifetime.

Breathable poly-urethane

2-part coating
Staple line
for concealed fastener install
colour matching

white pine

for clean transitions
poly-urethane coating
Tongue & groove
for seamless design

Our Process

100% locally sourced
The most technologically advanced siding system in the industry.

We process the lumber from beginning to end, the wood we use to fabricate Timberthane is kiln-dried and moulded so we can ensure the highest quality prefinished siding, guaranteed to withstand our Canadian climate. Any colour from Any paint supplier, and Any profile or texture — we fabricate it here at Muskoka Timber Mills in our 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art finishing room.

Endless Colours

Our Timberthane siding has no stock colour limitations, because everyorder is custom. Customers have the option to choose endless colours. Bring us a colour swatch and we’ll match it exactly.

Lifetime Guarentee 

We are truly proud of our Timberthane products, and we are pleased to stand behind them and their wonderful value. That’s why we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our entire Timberthane product line. We believe in quality, value, and innovation. That’s why we are so passionate about Timberthane, and why we feel so privileged to be able to share it with you. Allow us to provide you with vibrant, long-lasting, and maintenance-free siding on your home or cottage.

For more information on the best warranty in the siding industry, call one of our experts today!

Regular latex finish

Timberthane finish

Defy the elements. Defy time.

Latex paint siding has a very short lifetime. Due to being water based, it’s very easy for the paint to fade, chip, and peel. Over time, your once vibrant siding will begin to look dull. Choosing Timberthane means less work for you in the long-term. The Timberthane coating contains UV inhibitors, making it less susceptible to fading or discolouration, so your home or cottage stays bright and fresh-looking for years to come, without needing to be repainted.

Timberthane is created when 2 marine/automotive grade polymer coatings work together to create a durable, resistant shell. This not only protects the colour of your siding, but it also prevents decay.For more information on the best warranty in the siding industry, call one of our experts today!

Timeless. In every way.

Many people trust Timberthanes unrivalled quality. 
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